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Address: Facilities Management Software GmbH, An der Autobahn 43a, D-28876 Oyten
Telephone: (+49) 0 42 07 / 91 10 0
Fax: (+49) 0 42 07 / 91 10 19
Website: www.fame-online.de/en


FaMe® is a leading company for Property Management, Smart Building and Smart City solutions. FaMe® developed the last 20 years a comprehensive solution for building lifecycle management. The solution is upgraded with state of the art online operation systems. FaMe® has integrated seamless IoT (Internet of Things), BACnet, KNX or Smart Meters. Security and sustainable Operations are one of the strong of the FaMe® solutions.

The FaMe® solution is a mandatory part for Smart Building and Smart City projects. With the FaMe® System and the BIM integration it is possible to operate clusters of buildings online. The FaMe® unlimited comprehensive access rights management is one of the basics to operate a global solution for Smart Cities. Over 30 FaMe® Modules cover all aspects of modern real estate lifecycle management. Please visit us at our booth # 22 and contact Ms. Neumann for further information or schedule an appointment under: M.Neumann@fame-online.de.