Press Releases

3 August 2017 - SMART Facilities Management Solutions Conference & Exhibition - Bridging technology and human capital for regional asset enhancement

14 June 2017 - SMART Facilities Management Solutions Conference and Exhibition 2017 integrate innovation and productivity in today’s digital economy

9 May 2016 - SMART Facilities Management Solutions Expo and Conference 2016 saw power packed trade gathering for the industry by the industry 

26 April 2016 - SMART Facilities Management Solutions Expo and Conference 2016 highlights challenges and future of FM sector in Asia


13 July 2017 - New kid on the sustainability block: The facilities manager  

21 March 2017 - Move to speed up smart nation projects

3 March 2017 - 'Consolidation the way forward' for Smart Nation Drive

11 November 2016 - 'Sky’s the limit’ in Singapore’s bid to become a drone hub


8 May 2017 - Be Informed on Innovative Facilities Management!

5 April 2017 - Regional Focus Group 2017 - Call for Papers

30 March 2017 - Register Now to the 3rd Facilities Management Conference!

28 March 2017 - Bridging Academia & the Industry

23 March 2017 - Book Now - Last Call for Early-Bird Promotions

21 March 2017 - Introducing the Inaugural Security Technology & Robotics Conference 2017

16 March 2017 - Redefine your performance with SMART Facilities Management

14 March 2017 - Facilities Management Conference 2017

7 March 2017 - Regional Focus Group 2017: Connecting Minds & Industry Practice

28 February 2017 - Employing SMART Solutions for a Sustainable Future

14 February 2017 - Join us in Welcoming our Gold Sponsor!

24 January 2017 - Enjoy a Prosperous New Year with these Deals!

20 December 2016 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

6 December 2016 - Highlight your Energy Management Solutions to the Region

22 November 2016 - Showcase your Environmental Solutions on this Premium Platform

8 November 2016 -  "Air" your ACMV Solutions on this Premium Platform

27 October 2016 - Join the new Robotics Security Showcase!

22 September 2016 - Exhibit and Join the SMART City Movement

8 September 2016 - SMART Facilities Management Solutions Expo will return in 2017

28 April 2016 - A Successful End for SMART Facilities Management Solutions Expo!


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